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Are you revamping your kitchen space? From the benches to cabinets, appliances and worktops, everything needs to be perfectly fitted to bring out the style and added functionality. IKEA products come flat packed meaning that they need to be assembled. It pays to have the professionals at Furniture Master help you throughout the design, measurement and installation of IKEA kitchens. We will make sure you end up with the kitchen that lives up to your expectations by providing professional IKEA same day delivery and installation services.  

FurnitureMaster IKEA Kitchen appliance installation

We provide 24/7 SAME DAY furniture service all around the GTA. 

Furniture Assembly Master has flatpack kitchen installers with years of experience designing and installing IKEA kitchens. Our team offers a very reliable, friendly and professional service making sure you get good value for your money. Our kitchen assemblers can cover all aspects of installation, from the electrical and plumbing work to design and delivery services, all for a great price.

FurnitureMaster IKEA Kitchen free Measurement Service

Kitchen Measurement Service

You want to design your kitchen on your own, but you would like a professional to take all the necessary measurements of your space.

FurnitureMaster IKEA Kitchen assembly services services

Kitchen Produce/purchase and assembly  Service

You have planned your dream kitchen and would like your kitchen installed by a professional. All basic installation services will be priced and coordinated for you by starting at $85/cabinet

FurnitureMaster IKEA Kitchen installation services

Kitchen Design Service

We can do drawings ourself same as accept your data in any format

Ikea Home Planner, Autodesk Cad of 3DMAX, KitchenDraw files or just PDF or JPG is OK for us. We'll do design and 3D visualisation for you.


We know how technical the IKEA software can be for most homeowners. If you are considering any customization in your current kitchen space, work with a design team that can accommodate your needs. Our specialist installers will help you design and draw up your 3D kitchen and plan all aspects for you. We accept data in different formats including Autodesk Cad, Home Planner and KitchenDraw. Our specialists can come up with the drawings and 3D visualizations for you. We will help you plan your dream kitchen and bring your vision into a reality.

$25 to $125 booking fee. See all prices here.

FurnitureMaster IKEA Kitchen planning services
FurnitureMaster IKEA Kitchen purchase, and delivery


If you are experiencing any measuring or planning challenges, we are happy to help. We will visit the space and take care of any measure and design issues. We will plan it and provide a preview so all you have to do is go and buy the IKEA furniture designed for modern kitchens. This will guarantee your kitchen units and all components fit perfectly into the required space.

Also we can provide a PHOTO PREVIEW of your space with IKEA furniture or 3D render.

$50 to $100 booking fee. See all prices here.



With a suitable plan in place, the next major step is to get the right units and have them installed by a professional. Furniture Master can provide this service and much more. We offer basic kitchen installation services at very competitive rates. We can coordinate all aspects of the installation process from making sure you purchase the right units to installing them right the first time. We even offer same day furniture installation services all around the GTA.

Fees start at $75. See all prices here.

FurnitureMaster IKEA Kitchen collect in-store
FurnitureMaster IKEA Kitchen garbage removal


No bed to sleep on? Broken dresser?  We can provide delivery service for a small number of items; otherwise, IKEA delivery service can be used.

Fees start at $75. See all prices here.



Our main goal is to do it once and do it right. FurnitureMaster is striving to provide excellent service without cutting corners. Missing hardware? Damaged Parts? We can help you. Also, if you want to remove baseboards or make cut-outs for electrical sockets, we can help.

See all prices here.

FurnitureMaster IKEA Kitchen cabinet assembly

Our main goal is to offer an exceptional service so that the client doesn’t call us again with the same issue. We do it once, and do it right. When it comes to kitchen assembly services, Furniture Master are your one-stop shop. We have an eye for detail with fully qualified and licensed installers. We adhere to all the industry standards when offering our kitchen installation service.

If you have any flat pack assembly service needed for a modern kitchen, we are ready to offer our help.

We make it our business to ensure you start enjoying your new kitchen as quick and stress-free as possible.

Hire a team of kitchen installers who will work fast, efficiently and safely.


We know that furniture assembly often leaves behind a lot of cardboard and packaging. At Furniture Master, we don't just assemble your furniture skillfully; we also take care of the aftermath. Our team ensures that all the leftover materials, especially the cumbersome cardboard, are neatly cleared away. Plus, we offer garbage disposal services to make your experience even more hassle-free. Say goodbye to post-assembly clutter and hello to a tidy space. Ready to enjoy a clean and organized home after your furniture setup? Reach out to us for a seamless service from start to finish.


Get a quick quote for your furniture assembly and reassembly/moving needs today! Fill out our simple form, and we'll provide you with a detailed cost estimate over email or text message. Furniture Master offers same-day service to make your experience as smooth as possible. For a comprehensive breakdown of services and prices, follow the link for a detailed assembly calculator.


Let us help you with a fast, reliable service tailored to your needs.



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