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We are in the business of selling furniture and provide help to create your space at home or office combining functionality and excellent design. Please CONTACT US to get professional help. If you work as a interior designer or construction trade. Please find more information about our referral programs here.


It’s no secret that a small apartment can be just as comfortable and functional as a large home with the help of transforming furniture. The carefully curated collection of space-enhancing products from Resource Furniture can help you make the most of any studio, one-bedroom, loft or other compact space. We believe good design and smart engineering can solve many of the challenges associated with smaller-footprint living and can allow your small apartment to feel spacious and luxurious.


Having a great experience in condo instalations we can provide solutions for timy space. From 2018 we are assembly and installation partners of leadeng transformer furniture suppliers in Canada. 


We offers high-quality cabinet doors, drawer faces, panels, and mouldings for IKEA or any other brand of cabinets. Choose from our line of doors including Lacquered High Density Fibreboard, Real wood veneer, 5-piece solid wood, Thermally fused laminate (TFL) or High-gloss panels.

We also offer a full line of standard colours and stains so you can get exactly the look you want. Custom colours are also available upon request. To make your dream project complete, and give it that truly custom look, we make the matching side panels (gables), toe-kicks, valances and crown moulding. We also offer a large selection of ornamental hardware including pulls and handles, as well as upgraded soft-closing hinges. Check out our catalogue and ask us for a free quote!

Transformers and space saving furniture from FurnitureMaster
Custom Fronts from FurnitureMaster


We recommend TCE countertops for our Kitchens. Our reliable partner TCE Trading (Canada) Inc. is a professional large-scale natural and engineered granite and marble wholesale enterprise. They can provide quality products all imported from the world’s best stone manufacturing areas and are widely used in the kitchen renovation projects and home renovations.



We can install Wireless charger any flat surface of your house. It is convenient and modern way to charge your phone without annoying cables. Inductive charging has been around for decades. It is commonly used for charging electric toothbrushes and other small electronics.

Inductive charging capacity has since increased and we are now able to charge smartphones at the kitchen countertop or at nightstand. Now a days  tablets, laptops, and even small kitchen appliances could be charged and powered wirelessly.

Custom kitchen countertops from FurnitureMaster
Wireless chargers from FurnitureMaster
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