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FurnitureMaster space saving Furniture Assembley services


Furniture Master, a premier provider of Murphy bed assembly services in Toronto, stands at the forefront of the industry. With a decade-long expertise, we specialize in assembling various types of Murphy beds, ranging from wall beds and cabinet beds to sofa beds. Our team comprises highly skilled and certified installers dedicated to delivering top-notch service quality to our valued customers. Trust Furniture Master for seamless and reliable Murphy bed assembly solutions tailored to meet your needs.

FurnitureMaster  transformer bed  space saving Furniture Assembley services




Assembly of all types of Murphy beds

Installation of hardware and accessories

Safety checks

Mattress installation


We also offer a variety of additional services, including:


Custom Murphy bed design and installation

Murphy bed repair and maintenance

Murphy bed moving and storage

Contact Furniture Master Today for a Free Quote!

FurnitureMaster transformer bed Furniture Assembley services


If you are looking for a professional and reliable Murphy bed assembly service in Toronto, contact Furniture Master today. We offer a free quote on all of our services.


Call us at (416) 555-1212 or visit our website at to learn more.


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Designed and made in Canada by Bestar, the global leader in transforming furniture for more than 75 years. All Bestar wall beds are available in a wide range of fabrics and finishes and feature a patented slatted bed base for maximum comfort. 

Additionally, our extensive modular closet and shelving systems integrate seamlessly with the entire Bestar wall bed collection to provide customizable storage options.

FurnitureMaster transformer Furniture Assembley services
FurnitureMaster Murphy bed Furniture Assembley services


Space saving, transforming tables from Bestar Furniture maximize every square foot in any space. Whether it’s a coffee to dining table or an expanding console to dining table, our extensive line of Canadian-made, multifunctional tables will transform the way you use your space.


Resource Furniture offers unique, custom-made, European-manufactured workplace solutions. Whether for a home office, a busy startup or a Fortune 500 company, our curated selection of office furniture offers a sleek modern look that will encourage creativity and innovation. Contact one of our expert sales and design associates to learn more.

FurnitureMaster foldable bed Furniture Assembley services
FurnitureMaster folding bed Furniture Assembley services


American housing, which is largely focused on suburban, single-family homes, is designed far more around how people lived in 1950 than it is around how people live today. Multifunctional transforming furniture can accommodate a variety of increasingly common household formation types that are underserved by current housing options.

Transforming furniture can add function and square footage to any space, large or small. Whether you live in a studio apartment, condo, townhouse, single family home, or vacation house where you frequently host guests; transforming furniture offers you a smarter way to live more comfortably in the space you have. Our carefully curated collection of space-saving, multifunctional furniture includes a complete collection of high-end, Italian-made wall beds, transforming tables, compact and folding seating, as well as a range of other products — all of which boast style, comfort, and world-renowned engineering.


Get a quick quote for your furniture assembly and reassembly/moving needs today! Fill out our simple form, and we'll provide you with a detailed cost estimate over email or text message. Furniture Master offers same-day service to make your experience as smooth as possible. For a comprehensive breakdown of services and prices, follow the link for a detailed assembly calculator.


Let us help you with a fast, reliable service tailored to your needs.



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