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FurnitureMaster kitchen installation


You just invested in the perfect piece of IKEA furniture and can’t fit it together? Furniture Master will come to your rescue. Not only do we offer a reliable assembly service but also help clients during the planning and design process. We are an expert in IKEA furniture assembly and proud to be recognized as leaders in the GTA.

We provide 24/7 SAME DAY IKEA Furniture service all around the GTA.



Furniture Assembly Master is ready to step in and help when you need someone to offer design services for your home, office or studio. Whether you just moved in to a new apartment, changed office space or need to design an impressive studio, our specialists will help you find furniture that fits perfectly for your space. We take into account client needs such as storage, adequate work areas and budget when identifying the right furniture for the project. Use our design services to prevent fitting issues during installation that will cost you more time and money.

$25 to $125 booking fee. See all prices here.

FurnitureMaster furniture Assembley services
Ikea furniture home Planning from FurnitureMaster



Want to avoid spending money on costly furniture only for it to fit poorly on your given space? Call Furniture Master today and we’ll help you develop a suitable configuration by measuring the space and providing feedback for the units you want installed. We can even help you to get a visual representation of the space with IKEA furniture before it is installed.

Also we can provide a PHOTO PREVIEW of your space with IKEA furniture or 3D render.

$50 to $100 booking fee. See all prices here.


Working everyday and don’t have time to shop? No worries! Furniture Master can help you. Provide us the list of the items or article numbers you are looking to buy and we will take care of it. FurnitureMaster has extensive knowledge about major brands of furniture and we will make sure no items are forgotten or left out. It will allow you to save time and there is no need to visit the store.  

Fees start at $75. See all prices here.

Ikea furniture purchase and delivery
IKEA furniture garbage disposal


Need IKEA same day delivery and installation services? We’ve got you covered. Furniture Master has a team of technicians ready to answer your questions and be there in an instant when you need us to deliver or install a unit. If you need any flat pack assembly, we have experienced fitters who will offer a quick, efficient and affordable service.

Fees start at $75. See all prices here.


Furniture Master will do all the assembly and installation for you right the first time. We strive to offer our customers an exceptional service to make their lives easier. We can handle the small tasks of drilling boards, replacing hardware and missing parts, to ensure your units look and function as they should. Best of all, you only pay for the service you receive. We also offer disassembly and reassembly of IKEA furniture whenever you need it.

See all prices here.

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Secure the right furniture with our help

Want to buy furniture for your space but have little time or knowledge on where to shop? We’ll help you secure just the right furniture for your space. Give us a list of units needed and we’ll do all the groundwork for you. It’s our job to help you make the right decisions when purchasing furniture; save time and money while you are at it. No need to visit one store after the other looking for the ideal furniture. Leave it to the experts at Furniture Master.

Call us to handle the pickup, collection and delivery of IKEA furniture right at your doorstep.

We’ll disassemble and reassemble the furniture,

collect any knock-down units, all in a timely and safe manner.

Get in touch with us today and consider all your assembly needs met.

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Get a quick quote for your furniture assembly and reassembly/moving needs today! Fill out our simple form, and we'll provide you with a detailed cost estimate over email or text message. Furniture Master offers same-day service to make your experience as smooth as possible. For a comprehensive breakdown of services and prices, follow the link for a detailed assembly calculator.


Let us help you with a fast, reliable service tailored to your needs.




We know that furniture assembly often leaves behind a lot of cardboard and packaging. At Furniture Master, we don't just assemble your furniture skillfully; we also take care of the aftermath. Our team ensures that all the leftover materials, especially the cumbersome cardboard, are neatly cleared away. Plus, we offer garbage disposal services to make your experience even more hassle-free. Say goodbye to post-assembly clutter and hello to a tidy space. Ready to enjoy a clean and organized home after your furniture setup? Reach out to us for a seamless service from start to finish.

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