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Furniture Assembly Price Calculator

IKEA Furniture Assembly Repair Service

We provide competitive industry rates, and working with us provides more benefits to the customer:

  • We will deliver and assemble the furniture in 1 day.

  • We do not waste your time by making you wait all day long for us.
    We will work around your schedule and set up an appointment at your convenience. 

  • Customers are not required to remove baseboards where it is really not necessary. Every installation is different and sometimes this can be avoided.

  • Our team is able to customize furniture, where applicable.

  • We will come up with the best solution to perform mounting procedures for your furniture and accessories.

  • Our team will bundle up packaging disposal, and bring it to the recycling room (where applicable)

For your convenience, we have developed a simple questionnaire that will help get an idea of the cost of our services. You can also describe your furniture project over the phone 416 557 5776 or send an email request directly from this page.

Furniture Assembly

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This price is only an approximation. Prospective clients should discuss order details with the manager or operator of

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