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Need extra space in your room?

Need more space and extra slipping place at the same time - no problem!

Call 416 5575776 and we will help you choose, buy, bring and install a folding bed that fits your room.

Costco Murphy bed CIELO installed that week:

The new Cielo queen size wall bed and 2 storage units with drawers offers contemporary luxury with its striking two-tone finish and crisp, refreshing design. The wall bed features 2 LED lights which give a functional and intimate effect. Perfect for the guest room or any place where space is at a premium, the bed simply folds up when not in use to allow you to reclaim your living space. Featuring a state of the art piston system, lowering and raising the bed is effortless and secure. The modular storage unit gives you unique configuration possibilities and are a perfect way to keep the bedroom tidy and clutter free! The reversible shelves give you the option of installing them on an angle with a lip on the front edge to prevent shoes and handbags from falling. Alternatively, the shelves can be placed with the lip at the back when flat shelves are required. Each unit comes complete with 2 fixed shelves (including base), 4 adjustable/reversible shelves, and 2 drawers.

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